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2024-2025 TUITION & FEES



Grades K – 8

1st Child   $6,700.00                    2nd Child   $5,500.00

3rd Child   $4,400.00                    4th Child   $3,000.00

PreK3 and PreK4 

Includes tuition, fees, materials, snack, and lunch                $8,100.00


Instructional Materials Fee Grades KG – 8   $400.00 

8th Grade Fee (includes graduation, yearbook, class hoodie) $150.00

Families who enroll at Mount Aviat Academy must be willing to accept the incurred financial obligations and open a FACTS account to make financial payments to the school. The following guidelines have been established.

​​​1. Families must open an account with FACTS Management, the company contracted by Mount Aviat to handle payments. The cost for this service is as follows:

Pay tuition in full – $5.00/year
Semi-annual payments (July & January) - $15.00/year
Quarterly or monthly payments - $50.00/year

Families who choose to pay the full tuition amount in July still need to open a FACTS account so other payments can be made during the year (for example, field trips).

Please use this link to open an account:
2. The registration fee and tuition deposit are nonrefundable.

3.  If a student is enrolled as of July 1, the tuition payments made in July, August and any month the student attends are nonrefundable, even if the student does not complete the entire month.

4.  In any special cases, the Finance Committee will determine what is equitable.

Maryland PreK Expansion Grant   If you reside in Maryland and your family income is equal to or lower than the amount listed below, you may be eligible for a grant that covers the entire cost of Pre-K3 and Pre-K4. Contact MAA’s Admissions Director ( for more information.  

Household/Family of 2 - $61,320   Household/Family of 4 - $93,600
Household/Family of 3 - $77,460   Household/Family of 5 - $109,740

Financial Assistance

Each year, Mount Aviat Academy makes a commitment to support families in financial need. Applications are accepted onlineAfter applications are confidentially reviewed by a committee, families are notified of the level of assistance they can be offered. Mount Aviat has contracted with FACTS for tuition aid assessment. For additional information, please contact the Admissions Director at