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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Discover what makes this year special, from our Mini Society and Market Day to Winterthur and Mastery Club.


English Language Arts

Using the Reading Program Wonders, students continue reading growth with an emphasis on skill work, including comprehension, summarizing, and cause & effect. Writing opportunities are also incorporated. Book Reports are assigned and vary from a traditional book report format to creative projects.

Students are introduced to spelling words weekly and practice the words through daily lessons. Students are tested on the spelling words each week.

Grammar focuses on sentence structure, parts of speech and proofreading. Students review types of writing, such as creative, personal, and narrative, concentrating on paragraph writing.


The series, Math In Focus, is a base-10 program that centers on intensive number sense instruction, model drawing, and mental math. Multiplication and division is introduced as well.


The Lab Learner program incorporates vocabulary and a hands-on investigative approach. CELLs (Core Experience Learning Labs) covered are Properties of Matter, Exploring Electricity, The Human Body, Our Solar System, and The Sun and Your Skin. Students complete a lab for each investigation in the Science Lab.

Social Studies

Using My World: Social Studies, students study the evolution of communities in the United States. Geography skills are developed throughout the year and economics is highlighted with a “Mini Society”. Mini Society is an experience-based economics unit, where concepts are taught through actual experiences of students. Opening their own "businesses" and using their own "money", students sell their products or services to the school body on a planned Market Day. 


Focus is on a deeper study of the Old Testament and a continued learning about the 10 Commandments using the Christ Our Life series. Students learn the Apostles' Creed, its meaning, and how it relates to the beliefs of the Catholic faith. In addition, the life and works of Blessed Louis Brisson, founder of the Oblate Sisters of St. Francis de Sales, are studied.