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Welcome to Preschool!

Mount Aviat offers a Preschool readiness program providing students the foundation needed to be successful in Kindergarten.


Our program is licensed by the State of Maryland Department of Education and follows the curriculum guidelines of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.


All major Academic lessons take place in the morning. Students also participate weekly in physical education, music, and library. 


Using good literature and games in Language & Literacy, students develop  skills needed to communicate clearly, listen, understand & organize stories in a sequence, identify character, recognize grammatical symbols, learn to rhyme, and the letters.


In Math students count, sort, copy patterns, identify shapes, numbers, opposites, position words and problem solve through the use of puzzles, logic games, and manipulatives.


Exploring, asking questions, looking, listening, and touching opens minds to Scientific Thinking through simple experiments and Preschool appropriate units. Students have the opportunity to explore, question, observe, listen, and touch to discover information about their world.


Our Religion program introduces students to Jesus, Mary, and God, a loving and caring Father who created everything. Students learn major feast days, basic prayers, and bible stories and participate in school liturgies. 


Following rules, sharing, working & playing together, completing activities, learning about different people, tolerance of others, how students are alike, yet different, and kindness help students grow in their Social and Personal Development.


Dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, running, jumping, climbing, drawing, painting, cutting, zipping, buttoning, and engaging in make believe, all encourage Physical Development and the Arts in students.


Student activities include play time and social interaction with teachers, classmates, and older school students.


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