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Mount Aviat Academy follows a course of study established in compliance with the State of Maryland Department of Education. Curriculum guidelines of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington and Common Core State Standards are the basis for traditional core classes which include Religion, Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.


In addition, Mount Aviat offers enrichment classes, including STREAM, Technology & Media, World Language, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Library. 


Students are grouped heterogeneously within classes for whole group instruction. Individual and small group instruction is provided through a Reading Resource Program for particular students in grades one through six.


An Accelerated Mathematics Program challenges academically advanced students in grades five through eight.


Science is presented in an investigation based, hands-on program with weekly laboratory periods in Grades K through 8.


Middle School students participate in a monthly in-school club period, moderated by a staff member. Students are encouraged to explore a new area of interest within a mixed grade group.