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Welcome to 5th Grade!

Discover what makes this year remarkable, from journeying to middle school and lockers, to cell building, a saints parade, and Annapolis.


English Language Arts

Through the Wonders program, students strengthen reading skills by using strategies such as text features, making predictions, determining author's purpose, making connections through text, self & the world, decoding & word recognition, as well as practicing reading fluency. Students further develop comprehension skills by distinguishing between fact & opinion, cause & effect, recognizing characterization, understanding inferences, and how the mood and setting help develop the plot and theme.

In Writing, students use the five step writing process, from brainstorming to development of the final draft. Focus is given to writing a well-developed paragraph, using a topic sentence and details. The editing process helps students develop strong grammar and punctuation skills. Students write Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, and Persuasive genres using clear, precise language.


Continuing to use the Math in Focus Singapore Math curriculum, student extend a strong understanding of place value to the millions and to decimals. Computation skills are extended to include multi-digit multiplication and division, as well as a strong focus on fraction, percent, and decimal computation in all four operations. Strengthening understanding through the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach, algebraic equations are introduced, problem solving is emphasized and geometry concepts are extended to volume and complex figures. Beginning in fifth grade, students are placed into two smaller classes to ensure appropriate challenge and support. 


Students explore Science through the Discovery Education Science TechBook, an interactive program designed to lead students through the discovery of science and its many topics. Fifth grade focuses on: Physical Science - a study of matter and earth's forces; Life Science - energy produced for humans and other living things within the ecosystems; Earth & Space Science - getting to know the changing earth, patterns in the sky, and how alternative energy sources protect the earth. These units are studied with a hands-on interactive approach. Students have the opportunity to explore and grow as young scientists and as lifelong learners.

Social Studies

With the Discovery Education Social Studies TechBook, students focus on early American History, colonization, and the development of a new nation. This curriculum is closely aligned with the Common Core elements of the English Language Arts program in developing Reading and Writing concepts and strengthening skills, such as: making connections, compare/contrast, cause and effect, classifying, categorizing, summarizing, and applying critical thinking skills. The goal of the program is understanding and not just memorization of superficial knowledge.


Through the series, Spirit of Truth, and inspired by the life and works of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the program reflects a vision of the Catholic faith grounded in Scripture and tradition. Students review the Sacraments, study and memorize the Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Apostles' Creed.