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As a Mount Aviat alumna, I always wanted our children to attend MAA. Mount Aviat provides a stellar education while nurturing children in the Catholic faith. Now, more than ever, I feel so blessed to have our children attend school safely, in-person during a pandemic. I feel peace knowing the teachers are taking extra precautions while providing a fabulous education. Words cannot express our gratitude for the Oblate Sisters and teachers of Mount Aviat Academy.                            ~ Stacey Black, Class of '93 and parent

The Oblate Sisters provided me with a great, well-rounded education. They educate students intellectually, socially, civically, and spiritually. By receiving a strong foundation in many different subjects, I was able to do well in high school, college, and beyond. It also gave me a strong foundation in the Catholic faith. "Live Jesus" means that our Catholic faith should guide us in all we do at school, work, or home. It means setting a good example for others.                                                                    ~ Gregory Barr, Class of '01     

We are blessed to be a part of Mount Aviat. Students are taught by Sisters and teachers who dedicate their careers and vocations to ensure students are the best they can be. Parents should thank God for the blessing to send their kids to MAA and for their amazing kids who keep up with the rigor of the education they receive. Enjoy the time you have at this fantastic, magical place. There will be times when you wonder if it's worth it. After 25 years as an MAA parent, the answer is undeniably “yes.” Get involved and make dear friends; see the beauty and love of the greatest team ever, the Oblate Sisters. MAA would just be another school, if not for them. They devote their lives to ensuring each of us knows the importance of God and work tirelessly to make our experience the best. They teach, listen, and work for us, but most importantly, pray for us every day. The have made MAA a school filled with love; love of God, love of family, and love of each other. As a parent, coach and man, I've experienced the best and worst moments here, however I have always felt the love of this place. The coming together as a community to lift each other, sharing both victory and defeat. It's more than just books, computers, and sports. It's truly a little piece of heaven. You know you can always return and someone will be waiting with open arms saying, “Come in, you are always welcome, you are always loved.”                   ~ Christopher Locke, Alumni Parent

Sending my son to MAA for Preschool was an easy decision. My older children started in Preschool and I wanted the same strong start for his education. I already see improvements in his confidence, speaking and writing. There is no better place for a young student to grow and learn. I am pleased that my children returned to in-person classes. MAA did a wonderful job with its pandemic response, and I am grateful that the safety of students and staff is a priority. I am confident they will continue keeping students safe while effectively delivering a top-notch learning program.                               ~ Karen Novak, Class of '95 and parent

We could not ask for more dedicated teachers and are so grateful for their hard work, dedication, and caring that they put in to all they do. They are all amazing, and we are blessed to be at Mount Aviat Academy. Thank you to all the teachers for their creativity, help, and patience through all of this. You are a blessing in our lives.                                                                                        ~ The O'Donnell Family 

When I entered MAA kindergarten, I didn't realize the extraordinary Oblate Sisters, as well as the lay teachers would have a profound effect on me. Their quiet, competent grace and immense care for each student helped shape me into the salty sailor I am today. MAA cultivated in me the empathetic heart and diligent work ethic my parents fostered at home. I was encouraged to find my passion and emboldened to chase my dream. I learned that strength, grace, and love go a long way, and those are character traits I am most proud of as the second in command of a U.S. Navy resupply ship with DoD Military Sealift Command. I firmly believe my success comes back to the immeasurable blessings bestowed upon me by the Sisters, teachers, friends and extended MAA family.                         ~ Captain Jamie Gleber, Class of '00