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Welcome to 7th Grade!

Discover what makes this year remarkable, from Philadelphia and Science Fair to the Civil War and Winter Show. 


English Language Arts

In Grammar, students review the parts of speech and sentence structure, while Editing class focuses on the correct use of punctuation and error-free writing. Using Study Sync, these skills are applied to Composition studies where students review paragraph structure, practice the writing process, and complete an academic essay. Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary is incorporated into daily lessons and the focal point of Reading is an analysis of a variety of genres, including nonfiction, fiction, drama, poetry, and novels.


Students continue with Reveal Math Course 2. Working within the Real Number system, students extend their understanding of numbers to include rational & irrational number operations. Algebraic concepts are extended to increasingly complex equations and inequalities with decimal, fractional and signed coefficients. Proportional thinking is emphasized and extended, and linear equation concepts are introduced. Geometry of angles, scale and geometric constructions are introduced and volume and surface area of complex solid shapes extends prior knowledge. Statistical concepts are extended to plotting and calculation of measures of variation, sampling methods and probability.


Pre-algebra students transition to the Reveal Math Accelerated math series. In an accelerated course, students master foundational properties, operations and skills required for success in Algebra. Emphasis is placed on proportional thinking, rational & irrational number operations, properties of equality, linear functions and mastery of complex equation and inequality solutions and graphing. Geometry of right triangles, trigonometric ratios, angle relationships and transformations are introduced. Statistical concepts of data analysis, measures of central tendency and measures of variation are mastered and probability concepts are introduced.


Students engage in a motivating, hands-on/minds-on science experience using the Discovery Education Science TechBook, engaging middle school students in critical thinking in all areas of science. During regular labs, students apply science skills, investigate concepts, make deductions based on data, and engage in academic discussion. The TechBook comes with a variety of tools that can be used to challenge students who are ready for it, as well as support students academically.

Students are also encouraged to marvel at God’s handiwork in creation as they discover its wonders and appreciate the role of science as a tool for protecting creation and putting inventiveness at the service of humanity. In order for students to explore an area of personal interest related to science, they are challenged to design and carry out a Science Fair project which is presented during a Science Fair held in early Spring.

Social Studies

Through Discovery Education Social Studies TechBook, students begin an in depth study of American history, beginning with early civilizations and culminating with the early republic.


Religion is not only a subject taught; it is a way of life.  Religion forms the atmosphere in which each student lives and learns at Mount Aviat Academy.  All students are guided and encouraged to develop a strong and living faith, a deep and solid prayer life, which will manifest itself in Christ-like behavior and service to others.

The seventh grade book, Spirit of Truth - Living as a Disciple of Christ, offers students the opportunity to study the life and legacy of Christ and to apply it to their own lives.  They are guided through a better understanding of the life and mission of Jesus and their own personal response to faith through an in-depth study of the Gospels and the writings of Saint Paul.