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Welcome to 8th Grade!

Discover what makes this year remarkable, from research papers and high school prep to the Mission Lunch, Dinner Dance, and Graduation.


English Language Arts

Continuing with the Study Sync program, grammar studies include an analysis of complex sentence structures and verbals, while in Composition students practice with academic essays and a research paper in MLA style, citing multiple source. Students also apply to their writing the skills developed in editing, correct punctuation, using standard English, and sophisticated revisions with parallel structure and modifier placement. Daily lessons include a study of the Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary, as well as an analysis of a variety of Reading genres, including nonfiction, fiction, drama, poetry, and novels.  


Students continue developing a strong math foundation for success using the Reveal Math Course 3. Properties of exponents and scientific notation are explored. Algebraic thinking is extended and solution of increasingly complex equations and inequalities is undertaken. Linear equations, functions and systems are written, compared, graphed and solved. Properties of right triangles and geometric transformations are explored. Statistical concepts are extended to interpretations of lines of best fit on scatter plots. Students are well-prepared for success in high school Algebra 1.


Algebra students complete a full year high school Algebra course using Reveal Algebra 1. Expressions, equations, and functions are explored in depth. Solving, writing, and graphing linear equations and inequalities is emphasized in the first half of the course, including extension to real-world applications. The second half of the course includes properties of exponents, exponential functions, polynomials, and factoring, solving and graphing quadratic equations and functions. Students who successfully complete this course typically place out of Algebra 1 in high school.


Students engage in a motivating, hands-on/minds-on science experience using the Discovery Education Science TechBook program, engaging middle school students in critical thinking in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, engineering and the scientific method. It centers on weekly student-led lab experiments during which students apply science skills, investigate concepts, make deductions based on data, and engage in academic discussion. The program blends STEM skill development with oral and written communication skills. Students are also encouraged to marvel at God’s handiwork in creation as they discover its wonders and appreciate the role of science as a tool for protecting creation and putting inventiveness at the service of humanity.

Areas of study for 8th grade include: Heat & Heat Transfer, Acids & Bases, Electricity & Magnetism, Friction, Polymers, Light, Ecosystems, Sound, and Watersheds. In order for students to explore an area of personal interest related to science, they are challenged to design and carry out a Science Fair project which is presented during a Science Fair held in early Spring.

Social Studies

Using Discovery Education Social Studies TechBook, students engage in an in-depth study of American history, beginning with the Civil War through modern times.


Religion is not only a subject taught; it is a way of life.  Religion forms the atmosphere in which each student lives and learns at Mount Aviat Academy.  All students are guided and encouraged to develop a strong and living faith, a deep and solid prayer life, which will manifest itself in Christ-like behavior and service to others.

The eighth grade book, Spirit of Truth -The Communion of the Faithful, is devoted to the study of God’s faithful love as it is revealed in the Church founded by Jesus Christ. It is designed to help young adolescents grow in their knowledge and love of the Church. In addition, we use The Theology of the Body for Middle School published by Ascension Press. The program contains eight teaching units, based on the teachings of St. John Paul II, designed to offer our students a wholesome, honest appreciation of the gift of life given to each of us.