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In addition to core academic classes, we offer Enrichment Classes in the following areas:



STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, & Math) is a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience, not as a curriculum, but a framework for instruction. What looks like a science lab, craft project, or math challenge, actually reveals teaching the art of invention through a well-researched and well-supported process. A nation-wide movement in Catholic education since 2014, STREAM reflects our renewed commitment to teach students persistence, innovation and cooperation. The "R" serves as a reminder that even as we look to the future and prepare students accordingly, our Catholic identity is integrated into every aspect of our program. Students in grades one through eight participate in this curriculum. 

Technology & Media

As a Google Apps for Education school, students in grades one through eight receive instruction in the complete GSuite of communication and collaboration apps. They also learn basic coding, digital citizenship, media editing & production, legal & moral implications of technology, data organization & presentation and digital storytelling. Students in grades six and seven participate in a 1:1 classroom with chrome books.

World Language

Students engage in a weekly Spanish language program designed to enable all students to master the basics of Spanish vocabulary, phonetics and grammar and to learn about Spanish cultures and countries. 


Through visual arts instruction, students have the opportunity to explore their creative and problem solving abilities. Art instruction is disciplined based and covers the four major components in art: production, history, critical and aesthetics. Students are introduced and are able to apply a variety of mediums and studio processes. All lessons are based on cultural or historical exemplars. Students develop a working knowledge of elements and principles of design. Discussions and critiques of work develop a better understanding of the purpose and beauty of art as well.


Pre-K and Kindergarten classes about learn rhythm & beat using nursery rhymes and fun songs to express themselves. Students are introduced to many different instruments and experience the sounds, rhythm and beat by actively playing rhythm instruments and bells. First & second grades are introduced to hymns sung at mass, as well as fun performance songs. Students learn songs set to poetry, such as “There Was An Old Lady,” to learn melodies, while adding instruments and sound to movement and listening ears. Third grade students continue building on learned skills through singing and introduction to Boomwhacker instruments. Students learn to play the recorder with an introduction to scales, music notes and timing. Students in fourth & fifth grades further develop skills with the addition of music theory. Composers and types of music are covered, followed by students essays about a composer, a music genre or an instrument family. Classes enjoy singing favorite songs in class.

Physical Education

Through Physical Education students' fitness levels are increased through a variety of skills and games. Students in Pre-K through eighth grade have fun while learning a multitude of sports and the necessary skills. In addition, Field Day is held each year on the first Friday in May when a morning of fun competitions take place.


The Library provides resources that support and enrich the Language Arts School Curriculum. Each week, students from Pre-K through eighth grade are encouraged to check out a book. Students are also welcome to use Library resources for research papers. By promoting reading at all ages, students form a lifetime love of books.