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Our Mission

Mount Aviat Academy provides instruction in the message of Christ, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, within the context of the gentle and caring spirit of St. Francis de Sales. We offer an educational environment that promotes high academic standards and instills the principles of scholarship, citizenship, and service in the minds and hearts of students.

Our Philosophy

Mount Aviat Academy is a Catholic elementary school of the Diocese of Wilmington, which serves the educational needs of children of varying intellectual abilities from preschool through the eighth grade.  It is under the direction of the Oblate Sisters of Saint Francis de Sales and is staffed by a faculty of religious and lay teachers who “create for the school community an atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity” in which each child grows and learns in a climate of mutual respect and charity, gentleness and integrity,  according to the spirit of St. Francis de Sales.

The school cooperates with parents in the task of educating their children and assisting them to attain to their fullest potential in immediate preparation for entrance into high school and ultimately for life and life eternal.  Mount Aviat Academy is dedicated to the instruction of children in the message of Christ as taught by the Catholic Church, enriched by the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales. The school strives to instill the principles of scholarship and service into the minds and hearts of its students, as well as the knowledge and appreciation of the heritage of American democracy.

As they grow academically within the school community, students see and experience the constant interaction of a living “community of faith” through the care, example, concern, and involvement of their parents, and teachers.  As a result, Christ and his message permeate all areas of the students’ experience of learning and living, and they grow to acquire a sense of responsible freedom as Christians.

"Our great mission is to love the Savior and to make him loved.” ~ Father Louis Brisson, OSFS

Our Spirituality

In the spirit of our mission and philosophy, Religious education and character formation are of primary importance. Students receive instruction in their faith, not only through religion classes, but also through the witness of the school community surrounding them. Opportunities to worship and express devotion are fundamental in the spiritual life of the school. Students participate in classroom prayer, school masses, the living rosary, May crowning, Advent wreath lighting, giving tree, stations of the cross, and reconciliation services. 

It is an honor to be an integral part of your child’s education.